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  • Within each tear there's a lesson.

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  • Children soak up the world. Do them a favour, show them the sea of goodness, the waterfalls of love, and the perils that lay in the rivers dark.

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  • Love is like respect, it starts from within.

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  • The saddest tears are the driest ones seen in the bravest smile.

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  • Don't tell one who writes of grief to rethink their "I" statements. When you know they had tears on their hands as they wrote, don't say the poem could be better. You might as well say their grief could be worse.

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  • If someone shares a poem with you that is meant to help close an open wound, they don't want your opinion. They want your hand on their shoulder, gripping it tight.

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  • When depression was the sky, you taught me how to fly.

    by Tessa
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  • Words are fruitless when connected to a tainted heart.

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  • The older I get, the more I realize the less I matter
    except to a few, and the pressure grows daily to become
    everything to them.

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  • What if this life is truly death.

    Think upon it, before birth we were dead for billions of eons, perhaps this is the afterlife and the past was life.

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