a poem to read at a funeral for my aunt
author: cowgirlstar26
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date: 2007.01.12 00:10

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if you know of any good ones please let me know, email me or just message it on here, I was very close to my aunt she died of old age alone in her appartment.
if anyone could help that be amazing the funeral is on sat

thanks so much


author: MiNHღDEE
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date: 2007.01.12 10:28

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If you would like, you can use my poem 'Left Me .' if it suits yur tastes . My best friend used it at a funeral for her brother, so s`long as the credit`s mine, you can use it (:

author: starsnsmiles
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date: 2007.01.12 15:42

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Every time I’m in your house
I sit by the door
Waiting just to hear the sound
Of your footsteps on the floor

I concentrate so religiously
On wishing just to see
That sweet smile you always gave
When you came face to face with me

I know they say you’ve gone now
But it can’t be true
I didn’t even say good bye
So I’m waiting here for you

I try so hard to stop my eyes
Glaring at the clock
I try so hard to not wait
For the key turning in the lock

I want just to be close to you
And call you “nanny” again
So I sit here and I wait for you
My older wiser friend

I wait for hours for you
So why don’t you ever come?
The sun is going down now
And darkness has begun

Every time I’m in your house
I hate when I must leave
I tell people you’ll come back
So why don’t they believe?

This is the last night
That’ll I’ll sit by the door
I’ve grown up a lot now
I can’t pretend anymore

But please Nanny
Make me feel free
If I can’t wait for you
Will you please wait for me?

I can’t wait to see you
Because I miss you so much
The warmth of your love
And the love in your touch

Nanny just a promise
That I’ll see you someday
Just promise me that
Make my tears go away

And then just a question
And nothing more
Do you wait for me,
At heavens door?

I miss you Nanny x

^As you can see, originally written for my nan; i was really close to her too, but you can change the 'Nanny's to auntie.

But let me know if you use it though.

I hope the funeral goes as well as it can. Be strong love, I'm thinking of you x

author: a £○○k τµ®○ügµ m¥
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date: 2007.01.12 19:03

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Here you go. It was read at my grandmother's funeral:

You are my guiding angel
you are my shining light
although you're gone, it is alright
-- you'll stay here by my side

you are who i hold on to
the memories that make me laugh
you mean more than the world to me
and nothing will change that

you make my heart much stronger
you've taught me much, and still you teach
from now until the day i die
it's to the stars i'll reach

my eyes will always look for you
but it's my heart that sees
and even though you've passed away
i know you still love me

author: a £○○k τµ®○ügµ m¥
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date: 2007.01.12 19:04

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Oops, the poem is called Guiding Angel.
The link, if you need it.

My sincere condolences to your loss.
♥Stephen White♥

author: cowgirlstar26
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date: 2007.01.12 23:06

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thankyou :) im still trying to figure out what to use, keep em coming though ill be up most of the night

author: starsnsmiles
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date: 2007.01.13 07:43

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Maybe you should write your own?

It will be so much more special to you if you know you wrote it yourself, for her. like my one for my nan^ I found so many poems online that I could have used, but I dunno. It meant more that I wrote it myself

Or if you're not a poet, maybe find a poem you
like and read it..but then write a short paragraph from your heart about her to read as well

It's up to you

but stay strong love, I know it's hard x

author: cowgirlstar26
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date: 2007.01.13 15:44

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thanks to all that posted, I took a few lines from each and added my own and made a song and sung it accapella :) and I just said I/ a few people helped with it.

author: J. Lau
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date: 2007.01.13 22:41

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I'm so sorry for your lost... this poem was written for my own aunt when she passed away... I'm sure she wouldn't mind me sharing this with you. I hope I'm not too late to help.


In Memory...
by J. Lau

May her soul rest in peace,
May your sorrow fade with time;
May you find happiness through memories,
And treasure the time you shared.

Her love for us endures,
Her laughter echoes in our ears;
Her presence will never be far,
And her kindness will always be felt in our soul.

She will be missed,
She will be remembered;
She will be watching us from up above,
And will always be there by our side.

Our memories and love for her will never fade,
She will always be in our hearts;
By you and all of us,
Forever and always.

< - - - - - - - - - - - >

author: starsnsmiles
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date: 2007.01.14 04:30

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umm..i think the funeral already happened

but it's a really good poem

cowgirlstar... i'd love to see the finished piece that you sung if i could?

how did the funeral go? hope it went ok x

author: ∫Bëløveđ
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date: 2007.01.20 19:25

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When Tomorrow Starts Without Me!!!

That one is the best!

oh... u already had the funeral...?

RIP Auntie...


Please read When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

:) just google it

author: starsnsmiles
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date: 2007.01.23 05:41

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aww yeah i read When Tomorrow Starts Without Me a while back when i was searching for poems. not for a funeral, just to try and..express how i was feeling about my nan dying i guess

i found it and well yeah, it's gorgeous

another i loved was called Broken Chain

author: ∫Bëløveđ
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date: 2007.01.23 17:46

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that's beautiful...

author: starsnsmiles
status: member
date: 2007.01.24 05:29

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yeah it is

there are a few more poems i've seen, but I think those two are the best

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