Comments : I Seek the One who Silences Thunder

  • 10 years ago

    by Nix

    I'm not to religious person but I, absolutely honestly, enjoyed in this piece.
    First stanza didn't grabbed my attention too much, it would be more powerful if you add some unique metaphor but rest of the poem is truly deep and it is filled with overwhelming touch of vivid images. Sixth stanza is my favorite, it posses endless power and few lines are also totally mind-blowing.
    Bravo, very good job, I think that you expressed your self and your thoughts on a fantastic way. Emotions inside this lines are expressed with pure brilliance, you honestly described your feelings on truly strong way.
    Well done!

  • Wow, this is the best work i have read here this is amazing. BRAVO! I loved it all the description ever thing. you definitely do have a talent.5/5