Comments : Quest for Imortality

  • 10 years ago

    by Bradley Peter

    Oh my bloody God, you are on a roll. I know I said I rarely give out 5/5s, but these two pieces are amazing, and I'm a 'truth teller', believe me, people could tell you, lol. This is great! Just as good as the other one, if not better, if that's even possible. Lines I loved;

    'Dripping wet with sex and sin'

    'Pretty little girl, born poor white trash'

    'No longer innocent, corrupted with age'

    'Harboring more pain than even I could know'

    The whole piece was brilliantly written, but these lines were my favorite (there were some more, but I didn't want to quote half the poem, lol). From the very first line the piece was powerful and engaging. The last line was just as strong, in fact, it was stronger that the first line, probably the strongest line in the whole piece, which is how it should be. The addition of the word 'even', in that last line was genius, and was what made the line so powerful, as if to say 'I've seen and done it all, and even I couldn't relate to her'. Once again, a truely magnificent piece.


  • 10 years ago

    by Sapphire

    This was amzing...
    I mean I've never seen a poem this good.
    It really touched my heart.
    5/5 most definitly