The Greatest Night

by WiltingWallFlower   Jul 24, 2008

Silently he sleeps
I stare at the wall
Thinking back to the day
When in love I did fall.

Then to the moment
When the word were first said
I remember the message
As he sleeps in our bed.

Go back a few years
The first time he laid me down
I remember all details
From every touch to every sound.

It started with a look
He saw the sparkle in my eyes
The kiss he gave next
Was a huge surprise.

One kiss lead to the next
He bit softly on my lips
Looked into my eyes whispered,
"We'll always have this"

He carefully lifted my shirt
Pressed his lips to my neck
Slowly removed my bra
And so softly caressed my breast.

His kisses grew deeper
His teeth sunk into my skin
I took a deep breath
Never wanting it to end.

He laid me onto his bed
Threw my pants to the floor
Touching me gently he asked,
"Are you ready for more?"

With a smile I nodded
A look flashed through his eyes
Down low he started to lick
I filled the air with pleasureful cries.

He lifted his head licking his lips
Then biting my hardened nipple
He switched from breast to breast
I felt my whole body ripple.

He looked into my eyes
Saying, "I love you"
I knew I was ready
For what we were about to do.

One deep long kiss
Then he was inside
I let out a moan
This sound was a new kind.

He started real slow
Going all the way in and out
He gained up his speed
Made me moan, scream, and shout.

The sound I was making
I had never made before
We both hit our peak
We both felt so pure.

He laid beside me
Pulling me close
It was that moment
I cherish the most.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Ravi

    Excellent. I love the language and the rythem

  • 9 years ago

    by Amena

    I love it. 5/5