Best Man Toast to my brother Greg and his wife Heather

by Brian John   Aug 4, 2008

When we were only boys
Our mother's two little joys
We did not always share our toys
But, man could you invent a game!

Greg, you are my only brother
Sometimes it is hard to believe that we come from the same mother
Yet, believe me when I say that I will trade you for no other
Thanks for giving me my name.

So, Doctor G to the C to the B
Look into Heather's eyes and you will see
That she loves you infinitely
Truly you are blessed.

For our entire family
It makes us proud to see
The man you have come to be
Truly we are blessed.

It seems to me the two of you are right where you belong
May your life together be long
May your children be strong
And your worries as light as a feather.

With God's help this love will never fade away
So on this special day
Let us all give thanks and pray...
Especially for Heather!
Just kidding Greg, I know that you will be a great husband. Heather, thanks for loving him just the way that he is. And may I say that I am so very happy to have you for my sister.


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