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  • 9 years ago

    by Mister 47

    One of my favorite poem ,

    "Ooo this love is SO confusing,
    but you know I'll try my best."
    every love is confusin that is how love is in my opgnion, gowing changing adapting never the same
    we always need to do our best for it or we wont deserve it

    Though the tools I am using
    won't help me pass your test.
    i dont know what test you mean , but their is not tool guaranty your pass in love, it si always spontanious , somtimes you msut fail the test so you passs

    love it

  • 9 years ago

    by NoUr

    The poem was amazing, very creative, i loved it...

    My love goes on for infinity,
    but I only find the button pi.
    Through love we share affinity,
    even if we can't explain why.

    ^^that's totally true... actually nothing in love can be explained i guess!! not only sharing affinity...

    I enjoyed reading the poem,
    well done!
    keep writing