Advice to a Senior

by Megan Olney   Oct 18, 2008

You're graduating
Your life is brand-new
But are you prepared
After all you've been through?

Some last minute advice
Is all that you'll need
to make it my friend
If my advice you should heed

Live well and be happy
Don't let your talents go to waste
Make your decisions wisely
Do not make them in haste

Give much and give often
Give all that you can
Remember you're only a piece
In god's magnificent plan

Be compassionate but smart
Follow both your heart and your mind
Pass on what you discover
Remember what you find

Be kind to all
And be a true friend
Benefits from this
you shall reap in the end

Do not close your eyes
On the tragedies that you see
But open them and help
Be all that you can be

As you travel along
On the road to success
Remember these rules
As you battle life's tests

Telling you all this
I send you on your way
Hoping that my advice
Will someday pay


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