Comments : The Shadow of A Father

  • 9 years ago

    by Teria

    I'm going to be quite honest. I'm astonished that I have never heard of you before nor came across one of your poems. Though, I realize that you don't have nearly as many as some of the people I comment on, you're quite talented. Actually, you're extremely talented.

    I must say you have outstanding vocabulary, something that I think I'll learn from. Considering this poem itself is putting you on my favorites in order for me to continue reading your poetry.

    If you're already a father (which I gather from the poem you are) you seem to be a decent one. Of course people can feel emotions from others being, so I'm not going to completely assume that you are a father, though the father you speak of seems decent enough. And, whoever the son is to this wonderful man is a lucky son. I would never hear such words from my father, I don't think my father is capable of thinking such words - let alone saying them. I know many men just like him and it's sad, very sad. But, fathers like the ones described in this poem are good fathers.

    Kudos for the poem. Father or not, you've pulled it off outstandingly.