by Kolleen Rianne   Dec 4, 2008

Date Written: December 04, 2008
Written By: KolleenRianne D. T. Rios

Dear my precious baby,

Today I finally saw you

it was nothing I've ever seen

Today I witnessed a miracle

an angel came from me.

Ten fingers, ten toes

a beautiful smile

a cute nose

Your baby smell I could wait for

To see you smile as we walk out the hospital doors

To hold in my arms and watch you sleep through

the night

While you slept so peaceful, as I said sleept tight.

To wake up every morning

and see you their

To know you're finally home now

with not a moment to spare.

To see that bond we share

like mommy and babies do

To kiss you every chance I get

and always be here for you.

To see you crawl

and watch you play

To see you laugh

as you make my day

As of right now

I'll cherish the memories

that I am having with you

For always and forever

you're my greatest blessing

I love you.


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