I Denounce Valentine's Day

by Quietly Versed   Feb 15, 2009

Because of everything that you are
and everything that you stand for,
I speak out on this day of lovers,
to denounce Valentine's Day.

Because of the way you look at me,
because of the way your body feels in my arms,
because of the heart that should be cherished no matter the occasion,
I denounce a day that tells me to cherish you.

I denounce the 24-hour period that tells me I should open your doors,
or walk by your side,
or hold your hand as if a child being led to a playground.
I denounce roses, and pictures of hearts.
I denounce the colors of passion.... the red, the pink.

You see, I have found the color of passion...
it is in your eyes- it is bluish green.
And I don't need to be reminded with lavish propaganda
to cherish every inch of your being.
I cherish daily the opportunity to spend time with you.
And before today has come,
and after it is gone,
I will have walked by your side,
taking each step with you,
Anticipating the spontaneous moment that you choose left before right, or baby step versus giant leap.

Today, I did not get you flowers;
I have no card, no chocolates.
I have no physical gifts to lay before you.
I simply offer to you what I will offer you tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.
I offer you me.
I offer you to look into my eyes and let the silence of passion replace an over-priced piece of cardboard with hallmark stamped to the back of it.
I offer you to lay your head on my shoulder and feel the appreciation that radiates from my hand as I rub my fingers through your hair.
I offer you to draw near to me placing your chest next to mine, and feel the originality of my heart.
Accept my words as a gift of honesty that is sweeter than chocolate and comes with out calories.

Expect not on this day, which would be all too cliche'
but tomorrow, expect that I will sit across from you
and place your hand in mine.
I will lean in close and focus on the words that you are saying.
I will look into your eyes with unyielding passion.
I will stand with you on empty street corners
and kiss you passionately in the pouring rain.
I will sit with you in coffee shops to converse about topics that could only matter to you and I until they force us to go home because they are closing for the evening.
I will write to you on text messages a story about a man, who loves a woman, and it will seem as a fairytale, but it will be your reality.

And you will go through life with this truth, that there will always be this person who is seeking to understand you,
seeking to learn of you,
seeking to make you feel safe,
seeking to make you feel on any normal day like other women feel on Valentine's Day.

I will appreciate you tomorrow in a way that would be expected only on this day. I denounce Valentine's Day. I refuse to love Cliche'


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