Dear Santa

by Cale   Dec 24, 2009

Dear Santa, I'm 3 and my mommy is helping me.
I want a new truck to play with in the dirt.
I really want a big yellow one like brother has.
But thats a big boy truck and i might get hurt.

deer santa, Im 6 and git to rite my own letter
this yer i want a new bike that goes fast
momma sed i can hav one with no trainin wheels
I rode my frens lik that and it is a blast.

Dear Santa, I'm now 8 and have been good.
I want a brown and white basset hound.
They are really lazy and cute like me.
Send one that does not make holes in the ground.

Dear Santa, I'm 9 and brother says you are not real.
But i don't believe him and want a swimming pool.
It is not hot now but i almost died last summer!
I think if i have it then i will be able to keep cool.

Dear Santa, I'm 12 and don't believe in you anymore.
But momma is in the hospital with cancer.
I didn't have anyone that could heal her.
So this year help the doctors give us an answer.

Dear Santa, I'm 17 this year and a little old to ask
But this year i need you to give me this girls heart.
I have been trying to win it and i need your help.
If you can help me this year i will do my part.

Santa since i am 17 this will be my last time.
After you give me her heart everything will be better.
You will not have to give me anything else ever again.
And i wont write until i help my kids with their letter.


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by Ste

    Good job Cale. It evokes nostalgia in some of us. In nostalgia is a degree of truth and you pinned it. I hope Santa granted you the girl's heart. I hope you start believeing in him again.
    Good poem
    Regards Santa

  • 8 years ago

    by Cale

    Well the reason why he spelled it right at 3 is because the 3 year old couldn't write yet so he had his mom helping him and of course she can spell. Then at 6 years old he is able to write his first letter to Santa. So that is why it is spell write on the first stanza.

  • 8 years ago

    by Karl Wild GG23

    I understood you were trying to write like a little kid with all the spelling mistakes and things of that sort. I just didn't understand the beginning of the second stanza where you spelled dear as "deer" when the kid spelled it right when he was 3 but wrong when he was 6? The poem should've started that way in my opinion. Its still a very emotional piece and isn't all that bad. I gave this an honest 4/5

  • 8 years ago

    by Ray Smallshaw

    Stirred so many memories of my own children but love the last two stanza all very heart shaking. A great approach to a yearly topic and excellent in its simplicity 5/5 Ray S

  • 8 years ago

    by Loved In Hell

    Cale you just got major creativity points!! i love where you wrote like a 6 year old and over all you it was a super sweet poem, i loved it!!! 5/5