The Guy I just Met

by Christina DeWitt   Nov 2, 2010

You pulled up in the driveway

and made your way to the door.

There's no getting past the dogs

when it comes to attention, they want more.

I looked at you and you saw me.

You looked so country yet clean cut.

You had a handsome smile and striking eyes

I think I even looked at your butt.

We made our way to your truck

and, for me, you opened the door.

"Built Ford Tough"

is what the rugs said on the floor.

As we were heading towards Winchester

and talking about alot of stuff

I thought to myself "Wow, hes so cute"

most country guys look so rough.

Before we even got to the mall

I had already knew

there was no changing my mind

I had already liked you.

You seem so polite and have great manners

Your smart and very laid back.

You make me laugh, your so funny.

Not a thing does your personality lack.

We arrived at the mall and walked around

we talked for so long

I really like who Im with

With you I feel like I belong.

then it was a horrible sight.

a man shaking his ass

his pants were blue and tight

I was gonna talk to him but you grabbed my arm and I gasped.

I liked it when you touched me

you did it all night long

the way it made me feel

I just wanted to break out into song.

When you said you loved my poems

my heart beat tremendously fast

you made me feel so happy

you covered up my past.

We went so many places that night

Its a night I never will forget

Because I was with you-

The Wonderful guy I just met.


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