Comments : Silence is Golden

  • 7 years ago

    by BlueJay

    Though this is long, I enjoyed reading it. I think you have penned something amazing. It made me think in some areas, and question in a few others. The emotion was well done as was the purpose of it. Flow was not an issue in this piece, it was done quite well in fact. Excellent job

  • 7 years ago

    by Decayed

    Silence is Golden
    in a temple of peace or solitude
    When the soul is seeking out someone eternal
    or when cherishing some ethereal memories
    Alone, in all that worldly confusion full of lies

    ^ Silence is golden! -> I definitely agree with that!
    And here, the first stanza directed my thoughts to the relation between humans and God. Silence between them... is just a connection. A tight one!

    Silence is sometimes needed
    to let our thoughts wander far and wide
    when we are thinking deep, quiet or aloud
    as a scientist, an artist or a monk
    to find that elusive discovery, wonderful artistry or truth

    ^ In this stanza, you can tell that not only silence in prayers.. but also in every other thing.. work.. art.. poetry..

    Brilliant, indeed.

    Silence can be ominous
    when delivered as a mortal blow
    to the psyche, heart or the soul
    leaving them speechless, bleeding and wounded
    it can be fatal you know, even to the immortal

    ^ What an amazing scenery.

    Silence is a golden stone-heart
    one made of material tougher than granite
    but is there really any stone or heart in this world
    that hard or invincible
    that a diamond cutter's pen not cut through
    ^ And omg.. the last three verses are brilliantly penned.!!!

    I love it. You just developed 'silence is golden' in so many thoughts, tightly connected and of vividness and thickness!! :)
    really amazing.