by deenmary shaznay   May 9, 2011

The time has come
For us to depart
I may feel like the end
But it's only the start

I learned a lot of things
When we we're together
You taught us how to be
a winner
You taught us how to
solve our problems faster
You made us stonger
You taught us good manners
This lessons, will stay on our minds,

It's time to leave
And use that all we have learned
As we venture away from elementary
And to this big, unfamiliar world

We made a big family Mr. Queja "our father"
With a family so short we had to help each other,
We've tried hard to listen,
throught out the whole year
So wen I'm on first year,
I'll have nothing to fear

We'll look back on the drama,
We'll look back on the fights
Because we're going on with life.

We say our goodbyes
We cry our last tears
We take all this pictures
That will last for years

We shared a lot of good times together
Our memories will last forever
We promise to be here for one another
It's been a long time since we have been together
But, now is the time to say goodbye to each other
However, our friendship will last forever
You guys made us happier than ever.....
Thank you..:)


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