by martha   Jun 8, 2011

That one true very special day
that is very long awaited
through all the smiles and all the tears
i know I'm always gonna remember
just realized how much I've grown
and all the tears i start to cry
as i realized what is happening
all the faces saying goodbye
and all the people I'm leaving behind
all the memories that I've made
never will i ever forget
and as i walk across that stage
i finally realized this isn't the ending
but only just the beginning
so now i finally have to say
graduating is just the beginning
of my adventure just waiting to start


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  • 6 years ago

    by JustAnotherPoet

    If I read this a few months ago, I will surely not be able to fully understand the emotions you are trying to convey through your work. But now, just a month or so to graduation, this poem left a great impression on me. And wow, this is a great poem. :)