What Is A Dad?

by irespectfemales   Jun 19, 2011

What Is A Dad?

A dad is someone who
wants to catch you before you fall
but instead picks you up,
brushes you off,
and lets you try again.

A dad is someone who
wants to keep you from making mistakes
but instead lets you find your own way,
even though his heart breaks in silence
when you get hurt.

A dad is someone who
holds you when you cry,
scolds you when you break the rules,
shines with pride when you succeed,
and has faith in you even when you fail...


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  • 7 years ago

    by Jenni

    Okay I guess I'll simply start with the first stanza. True words you've written there. A dad is not always able to prevent the fall, but atleast he stands by your side and tells you not to give up. You've presented that message quite clrearly. Second stanza has an as good message as the first one. A dad would rather have you learn from your mistakes, though they may hurt at first than not let them happen and you being helpless if they one day do. The last stanza seems like a perfect ending to this poem since it lists a few more characteristics, which make a dad who he's supposed to be. I enjoyed the repetiotion you used, gave the poem a specific touch. Also the poem doesn't seem to be too short or too long, the length is quite good to be exact since you've said what you wanted to say without it getting out of hand. All in all I think this is a great poem, thanks for sharing!