PENGING DUES..............

by Saba Laique   Jul 15, 2011

Pending Dues

Walking on a street thinking about life
Roadside orphanage caught my sight
Children were playing with high noise
Yet something was missing on their face and that’s smile
I stopped myself for a while
Thinking the reason behind
Then I realized, having parents
The biggest happiness is on my side
Definitely blessed with fortune so privilege I got
For which I bow to my Lord
But how I thank my parents for giving endless favors to me
Since from an embryo till up to now
Don’t know where I payback and how???!!!
My mother’s love and care are over due on me
I feel like a mastered grain
Floods in a favor’s rain
Seeing to a bird, building up the nest
Recalls my Father’s hardship of days and nights
His efforts to keep the family together
Became one of a reason why we love each other
He nursed me like a farmer
Saved me from harsh world outside
So secured, so blessed, so relaxed I feel from inside
Both are my life both are my world
One is inspiration and other one is my courage
Countless emotions and infinity prayers for both
I won’t let you down and that’s my oath
Returning your favors, just can’t be possible for me
Only thing I wish to try
IS never make you cry!
Lots of thanks to Almighty and you
I know I can never return my pending dues…………………


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