by Jasminee   Jul 28, 2011

My mom is my everything . i don't know what i would do without her . Well this is my story ..
My dad cheated on my mom a good 3 times & by the time my mom had enough they got divorced when i was 7yrs .
Now i am 13 , & i think my mom found the love of her life he treats her so good , and i am happy for her , and recently she told me that there getting married in a year ! i don't know if i am ready for that , i have three sister & i am the youngest so i am used to getting spoiled , but he has two daughters & there 10 & 7 , & the 7 yr old is Always getting more attention than me :/
& i don't know if i want that to be my life ..
i Just need advice ! HELP !


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