by George Sammie Ndlovu   Sep 9, 2011

By Sammie George Ndlovu

Chutney, Chutney Uyintsibi
Chutney Uyi Godoba
How Do You Get Your Invitations
At The Party You Are There
Weddings You Are There

Chutney Otswa O Le Kae
Munhu Un`Wana Na Un`Wana
Lavakulu Na Lavatsongo Va Rhandza Wena
Na Nantswo Lowu U Nga Nawo
Hala Na Hala I Chutney
East To West Chutney
Black Or White Chutney

Chutney Are Your Folks Still Alive?
I Suggest To Meet Them
Do Have Siblings?
Yeah.``The Goodness Of The Folks Are Through Offspring.``
The Very First Time I Tasted You
I Felt Like I Would Not Finish
Chutney Do U Know How You have Been Figured
Kind Of Jesus Christ Best Meal


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