Comments : 0ne day...

  • 6 years ago

    by Whatever works

    A bad end to a relationship seems inevitable

    but i do like this poem, its expressive hope ithelped the pain when you wrote this

  • 6 years ago

    by believeinlove87

    I love this :).

    I can relate to it 100%.
    How much he hurt you runs through this, How much you loved him wanting it to run shines through.

    Someday you'll see that "love" isn't just a game
    And realize because of you am not the same
    When that day comes, u'll see my love for u has died
    And then you'll remember all those tears that I cried
    When u hear a sad song or poem,
    You'll remember me, n say "oh god I was so wrong"
    -This shows the day that it hits him with what he lost will hit hard. That he will finally see just how much he hurt you realizing he never wished he lost you.

    Everybody can relate to this. Having that one person they love so much & them finally realize what happened, but it being to late to be fixed.

    Great Job

  • 6 years ago

    by Innocent Fairy

    I'll prove you all wrong..
    Because I know am strong
    I'll find the courage to carry on
    And create my own song

    U used to be a huge part of me
    now your nothing but a fading memory
    Destiny brought us together
    But it wasn't meant to last forever

    - I really love these two stanzas but the destiny one is my most favorite,,I have been there what I've written in this greatly written poem many can relate I once did to,,I can say it brings memories and feeling,,they will never go away unless u have a memory problem,,I think we'll always remember those days but the ones that don't I consider kinda lucky and we learn from our mistakes,,,amazing poem with outstanding emotions,,it blew me away I absolutely loved it amazing 5/5

  • 6 years ago

    by Truelove

    I really loved this poem <3
    it describes how hurt u r
    i always say that to my ex but i dont mean it <\3
    cause i love him alot
    its just hurt <\3