A Winter's Fairytale

by The Invisible Boy   Dec 24, 2011

The snowflakes fall softly
Covering the town
The snowflakes fall slowly
While the crowds swarm around

Christmas time is here
People start a shopping spree
Hitting a higher gear
Starting to go crazy

Until Christmas Eve
Everything becomes slow motion
The pub has it's last man leave
After he sips the last drop of potion

He stumbles down the cobbles
Singing a lonely festive tune
He slips and he wobbles
As he stares up to the moon

It's five o'clock on Christmas morning
There's no one to be seen
A radio mutters about a distant weather warning
But it looks like a magical scene

The fields once green now covered in a quilt of snow
All ready to be written on like a blank page
The cobbles shimmer with a glittering glow
It's like a theatre with it's spotlit stage

It feels like some fairytale
Stepping into another world
Just for one day

It feels like the fairytale
Falling into some other world
Looking up to see a sleigh.


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