For My Number One

by Marino Vilano   Jan 19, 2012

I may not always say to you,
How special you are to me.
Your love was always so true,
And your kindness was a blessing.

You were missing for some part of my life,
But never for a second where you out of my mind.
You are the best mother a kid could ask for,
You were my teacher, my idol, my mentor.

You tought me how to treat a lady,
And told me who i could be.
You said a mind like mine had no limits,
So aim for Heaven, because the sky is no limit.

Mom i may not be home to wish you a mothers day,
Because I'm fighting thousands of miles away.
So when your reading this, I can only wish,
That it touches your heart, just the way i did.

One day we will be together again,
I will be with my mother, my best friend.
I hope your proud of your son,
The way I'm proud of my mom.

I hope my love was enough to keep you happy,
I cant repay you for the things you've done, so i must say.
Happy mothers day mom when that day comes by,
You are my Number One, I ain't lying.

I love you Griselda Munoz Castillo. For all the work you've done in raising a young boy like me into a family man of three:) I love you mom.


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  • 6 years ago

    by average thoughts

    Realy ur mother raised a vry beautiful prsn..this poem is awesum..fp..

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