Comments : Trapped, no way out...

  • Wow.... the flow was amazing and it really just shows how people will do anything if they think that it'd make them okay or save them from pain. The metaphor of chains and pain; it worked on so many levels and it really just got to the key parts of how pain can really weigh us down. We can be crying out for help, but it's like no one is listening or looking at us well enough to know that we need help deep down...

    Amazing piece of work that really makes people think about their feelings and hits to the core of how you can be in need, but no one is there.


    -Shining Star (:

  • 6 years ago

    by Dark Shadows

    A life that had so much potential,
    will now be left in his own blood to rot.

    when I read dark poems I am scared.Sometimes I try to block the imagery part of pain in poems.

    Some people are good at expressing thoughts and some are good at expressing their feelings flawlessly via poetry.In my opinion,the latter is a uphill battle.
    Many on here said they write what they feel and have experienced in life.Having read your writings,I only hope,you have not actually experienced the pain you have penned.

    I could feel every word as it looks, smells, tastes, feels and sounds. 5/5