Me, myself, and i

by OSWALD NYIKO   Mar 1, 2012

I move in silence, like undisturbed
Water, rotten like an Anguilla in the shores.
I dance in cruelty because my life is
Hurt like a finger tin nailed.

My tears are of fire out-done by
The smiles I share, my eyes tell of
Generations to come, that's destiny,
My mouth sees the end of the world
But never tells, that's fate.

My hands hold the beauty of women-
Kind but punishes in vain, my brain is
Of a dolphin, I cry, I smile and I sleep. my
Teeth are of a dying shark able to cause
Pain but at the same time in pain too.

My visions are of a dying octopus done
By the cruelty of man kind, I'm heading
To my garden. my legs are of a rock/roll
Band they lead, they follow and they laugh
In the shadows of their blood.

My laughter is of a diamond ring, without
The diamond on that pierce, my blood is of
Many colors like a chameleon, I fast
Change my mind like a stressed pregnant
Woman. I'm moody, I'm pregnant. I am of
A black zombie, crawling my way up to
The biggest prize! My life.

My skin is of a dinosaur, soon to be extinct,
My tummy is of a Somalian citizen but my mind
Of a British/scotch rich in bloodshed, I'm a politician
I promise but i never deliver, my body is in Pain poached
Like a rhinoceroses, I'm just me.

Like a lion I roar, like cupid I have my love arrow,
Like Portia I'm neat in my cries, I'm a scavenger,
I believe I can save myself like a trapped bear
In the woods.


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