We Don't Back Down

by Jessica   Sep 4, 2012

I'm standing in front of you with a heart full of happiness,
I'm standing in front of you with a heart full of fear.
Today is the day our lives take off,
we walk out those doors and it will never be the same.
We have choices to make and paths to choose.
We have millions of thing running through our heads
like what am I going to do with my life?
what if my plans dont work out?
Some of us are more affraid that others.
some of us are anxious, and just want to get out of thing small little town.
and then theres the very few of us, who love it here.
who couldnt imagine makeing there lives anywhere else.
here my advice to you.
dont forgot who you are.
this chapter of your life may be over, but never foget the lessons you learned.
you are forever changed by the choices you made in these last 13 years.
you are a strong person, each of you.
you will make it, and you will be somebody.
you are all important in my eyes.
We are the class of 2012, and we dont back down to nothing.


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