Of Christmas Past

by wayne t   Sep 17, 2012

Of Christmas Past

As I grow older Christmas seems to change
When children were young, a time of joy
For in their eyes all was glitter, colors, toys
Santa would come if you were good

Presents, candy, stockings being filled
Mother and Dad watching as wrapping flew
Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk
And that in fact proved he came last night

Getting dressed in new cloths and shoes
Going to see Aunts, Uncles, Grandma too
Eating Christmas dinner at every-ones house
Hugs and kisses from all you see once a year

Returning home getting dressed in new pajamas
Playing with your toys watching Christmas shows
Mother and Dad looking tired, glad the day is done
Not wanting the day to end, you fall asleep again

Reliving memories seeing my children with theirs
Content to watch the family memories being made
Of Christmas past, present, future a thought remains
To reflect on the reasons this day and what it means


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