Comments : Daddy's Girl

  • 5 years ago

    by Meme


    I can relate to this piece in a way of my own, with little bit of difference but still the idea itself I can soooooo relate to this. You brought tears to my eyes you know, its one of these things that I fi d it so hard to write about, but you were brave enough to do it and I salute you for that!

    You are ana amazing person Sara, always remember that <3


  • 5 years ago

    by Chelsey

    Sarah this is soooo crushing to read for described my story. Although, I have this "pity" bond with my dad and do call myself a daddies girl because my heart aches for him so I always want to see him or spend time with him and have a blast when we do. My parents got divorced 3.5 yrs ago after a 23 yr. marriage. :( sucked, hard on everyone at first, but sometimes we have to let those ungrateful, blind people even our families, hit rock bottom for them to appreciate those around them.

    I feel soon there will be some reconciling in my family and I'm hoping for the when I read this my heart broke because I've been there. I've felt that...I was timid for yrs to talk to my dad and tell them where he was wrong...just the other night I finally had the courage to do so and my dad is ready to change himself.

    My point of telling you this was, pray and ask God to give you the courage to talk to your dad and say the right things...fix your relationship. It so important for a daughter to have her daddy or we'll start looking for a males attention in all the wrong ways....

    Never give up hope...

    Sad but lovely piece.

  • 5 years ago

    by Yakori bint Muhammed

    Wow!!! You poured out your whole feelings here. The good and bad moments. A lot of us can relate to this, but to me with a touch of difference to it. In all marriages i believe a time comes due to some unforseen pressure and irrelevant mood triggers. Parents go through a change, a trying time. Interactivity and affection will take its toil on them. Making life unbearable and putting the family in total imbalance.

    Some are minor problems, which are caused by demands from work, family commitments and needs, and mood imbalances. In which they can be sorted out without too much hassle. However, the major ones cause heartbreak and possibly separation or divorces. I hope this is just a minor fuss that can be sorted in due time.

    And do get time to talk to your Dad. Its hard even without problems to convey your thoughts to your father unless there's a special close bond. Mothers are mostly the ones that are there for us all the times. When you talk to him, you'll feel relieved and happy you did so. You can never tell, you might change the course of events and most importantly, he got your message. All shall be fine, Gods willing.
    Well penned dear..

  • 5 years ago

    by The Poet Behind The Poems

    This was so heartbreaking , I did love the emotion you put into it , i loved how you broke it all down

    So much imagery

    Well penned :)

  • 5 years ago

    by Jenni Marie

    Freaking holy crap Sarah, you have me tearing up..I'mma come back with a better comment once my emotions aren't all over the place!

  • 5 years ago

    by Naughtymouse

    Freakin awesome pinks, seriously what you put into this piece was outstanding not good with dad poems, i lost mine at 13 and find them hard to read but this made keep going, i hope you get to address things. This write really touched me.....thankyou for sharing xx

  • 5 years ago

    by Jenni Marie

    And here I am, after a while (And I will reply to your PM after I've finished here :) )

    Okay..your opening is what teared me up the most. I can relate to this so well..hearing the term daddy's girl yet never relating to it. I have friends that DO relate to it and I admit sometimes I get jealous of this. And these lines hit my heart HARD.

    "but this relationship is an enigma to me."

    This is so sad but again so relateable (For me, anyway) It's something I have always wanted yet never recieved..and the way you phrase these lines...well, it's like you could see into my mind.

    The way you mention how you tried to be perfect them...what your mother taught you, how you spent all your time studying, is heartbreaking. To me, this comes across as though you tried your best and yet somehow, it was just never good enough.

    "and was my hero at some point.
    I was blind until I finally opened my eyes."

    This. This this this. OH MY. Isn't somebody -always- our hero until we finally open our eyes and become aware of the flaws that we fought so hard to see? It's just heartbreaking that the person you are referring to here is somebody that is MEANT to be your hero.

    Your next stanzas..they make me think of an affair? Perhaps because from my interpretation they are still together and yet your mother is so sad. I don't know if I am anywhere near the mark here but again...devestating. Too often parents don't realize what effect their actions have on their children.

    "I am not and will never be a Daddy's girl. "

    This is, hands down, my favourite line. I can understand and relate to this COMPLETELY. I may have wanted it..but no longer and even if I did, I know I would never get it. And yoiur word usage here makes me think that you no longer want it either.

    This is simply heartbreaking and so emotional, but beautifully penned!