Mother's Day

by Rama Ammuri   Feb 4, 2013

In my own way
I wish you a happy mother's day

Mom without you I couldn't be here
you gave me love and took away fear

I can't live without you near
you've been to me like the car and the gear

without the gear the car wouldn't walk
and without you I couldn't here or talk

you've been everything to me
you've like the sugar in the tea

without the sugar the tea wouldn't be sweet
and without I wouldn't drink or eat

mom you've been always there for me
you showed the road when I couldn't see

mom you taught me how to read and right
you've been like the moon in the night

cause you've always shined my road to success
so I could be famous in Hollywood and Texas

mom you always give
without you I wouldn't live

I would like to say to you
your my mother who
taught me what to do


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  • 5 years ago

    by Sakura chan

    Wow i love the concept~ nice work! did you give this to your mother on Mother's Day?

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