by Ali   Apr 27, 2013

Dear Mom,
I know you can be mad at times,
but maybe I can help with some rhymes.
When we were young, you were there,
and that love we will forever share.
I know at times you have to tell us twice,
even though one time should suffice.
Sometimes we may fight and say mean stuff,
and then we might huff and puff,
but sooner or later we realize,
that we love each other so we apologize.
No matter the times, good or bad,
we will always have each others backs.
If we forget something, your always there,
to save our little dairy airs.
And when we cry, you hold us tight,
listening until the end of night.
You then gave us advice which helps alot,
and even when we feel distraught,
You're always there to help along,
and this is why we have our owns songs.
We love you alot everyday,
and i just wanted to say it in a special way.
For a mom who will always be there,
and a mom who will always care
even to do crazy things,
like (oh I don't know) pee on trees.
The say the best years are spent at home,
so why on earth would we want to roam
away from a mom who loves us bunches,
and would even pack our lunches.
So on this special Mothers Day,
I just wanted to say sorry.
For not making you breakfast in bed,
and not doing what you have said.
For everything that I haven't done,
and for the stuff that has yet to come.
So Mom, i just wanted you to have a good day,
and know that we love you, in every possible way.
Happy Mothers Day


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  • 5 years ago

    by Ali

    I wrote this for my mom a couple years ago and some stuff you may not understand but it made sense to us :) hope you enjoy!