Upcoming Results

by Mams   May 29, 2013

Upcoming Results

Dear Result's,
I'am strong enough,
To face you tomorrow,
You'hv the strenght to make me,
But, No doubt i won't let you break me...

Dear friend's,
Give me good wishes,
Wish the best for me,
Or atleast give me a hopes,
To get me off all of my stress...

Dear parent's,
Don't expect high,
I know i tried my best,
Don't be sad if it comes bad,
Give me support to open all new doors...

Dear god,
I won't crave,
My parents taught me,
That we get what we deserve,
So i'll be happy with my upcoming result...


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  • 5 years ago

    by Mohan

    Trying your best is always great its enough I think and all the best for everything.