Ignorance is bliss

by The Alaskan Husky   Sep 30, 2013

Insult me not

you have your way
of slandering my name
to avoid repercussions of your actions.
but the time will come
when you realize your loaded gun
was aimed at yourself the entire time.
perfection isn't my strongest attribution
but I sleep well knowing
I put down my weapon a long time ago.
so when you are trapped
by your own words and actions
left alone to pay
for all your infractions
look not for my consolation
if you knew what was in your best interest
you would stop all this madness before it gets finished
before I play all the cards in my hand...
unlike all of yours on the table,
our game has just begun
but already I've won.
I sleep soundly knowing you wont.
insult me not!


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