Comments : Fire Within the Rain

  • 4 years ago

    by Redangelwings

    I love how you describe the way you are sad or depressed. Ok. The second stanza is amazing. I love how you seem to say that the beach is a place for love.The sand weighs you down. Anyway the beach is some kind of evil place bbecause you feel so alone. Then later on on this poem you seem to say that you lost the one you love as you are dressed in a gown. Maybe a dance or this gown reminds you of the one you loved. The heart sliced is extremely sad though. You are bleeding but is it your heart metaphorically or your wrists who really knows?

    Ok overall this is such a deep poem that holds tons and tons of sadness. The tone is outstanding because you keep to one thing and talk about a life that is being detroyed or already is detroyed it seems. You tell a sadtale of loss and depression. The last sstanza hits you hard in tbe heart because does death really end pain? Who really knows. The last two stanza and the second one are my favorite because you write them beautiful. This story is wonderful as it tell about the whole life of someone. How much sadness they hold and the demise. You took me on a journey that made me feel sad like I have known this girl and wanted to save her. Nominated when I can. So beauty and dark. This is going on my favorite list for sure. Great imagerytoo it sucked me in. Sorry iI'll stop. Lol. 5/5