Comments : Slow Motion

  • 4 years ago

    by Redangelwings

    I'll try my best to give what I think here.

    I believe what you are saying is that it feels nice to get out in the world and just breathe for once. That's how I think you started out here. It's very interesting to see a poem written like this though. I love how you seem to say that it's hard to take that first step forward and it does feel like you are walking in slow motion at times. The past does slow us down and makes it feel like the world is crushing us. I also love the cloud lines how you are drifting toward nothing at all. Sometimes we all feel that way though.

    When we feel like we are floating in the clouds ( I think you are saying being happy) the world does pull us down. We are familiar with being happy we are shocked when depression gives us a wake up call. We are never used to the darkness completely surrounding us at all. So when we finally have one day of a lil happiness we have to treasure it. Anyways overall I like this poem a lot as it says in my mind how much our emotions play with us. 5/5