Comments : My Little Pumpkin

  • 4 years ago

    by OHgreenman

    There will be a day when you'll be able to see him again. Stay strong and remember him, keep him in your thoughts but don't let it weigh heavy on your heart because its not your fault.

  • 4 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    I am so glad you decided to write this out, and share it. It sometimes is horrible to let it out, and to feel it all when it comes pouring onto the page, but it is a release, it is a form of therapy, which helps to unlock the pressure from inside. So please keep writing.

    This poem is so touching, from the aspect of not only your emotions, but that of 2 children; a baby who is missing out on a family that he is not yet old enough to understand, and that of the older child, who is not old enough to understand either, yet knows he misses someone, and that his little brother was once there with his mum, and now they are not. So much sadness.

    There seems to be lots of questions here, especially in the beginning, and I think you should go back and separate them all, using question marks. This way each question will be emphasised on its own, and really hold the power of that one thought.

    You can really feel your heartache in this, and how much it pains you to have to accept this. But I am sure there will be someone else on here who can relate to this, and feel comfort that they are not alone. And your ending holds a bit of hope, because no one knows what the future brings for us, and I believe it won't be this way forever, you will see him again, and things will work out.

    Thinking of you always, and well done for writing such a personal poem, and letting it all out.

    Stay strong xxx

  • 4 years ago

    by My Name Is Mouse

    Wow, i don't usually comment on poetry but here i am! I could feel the sadness, keep holding on to the hope that you will see him/her again.