My Grandmother

by jamila   Nov 24, 2014

As I look into my Grandmother's eyes
I seem to feel a bit surprised
She sits there in her silly old chair
Clicking her heels, it's too much to bear

See she can't walk, sing, or speak
She is thin and looks very weak
It saddens me to see her so
That life has brought her to a terrible low

She can remember a little from the past
But the present goes by way too fast
She knows her daughter and sons you'll see
It's hard for her to remember me

I wish I knew how she was feeling
Maybe there are secrets she is concealing
I wonder what goes through her mind
As she sits there in a bind

Speak to me Gram; wake out of your trance
Please get up, move, or dance
I want to see again the sparkle in your eyes
Because I know that's where the truth lies

You used to sing the Gospel with this glorious tune
Tomorrow to hear you sing was never too soon
You saved so many lost souls everyday
Taught them about God and all he has to say

You were so strong, mighty, and bold
Your life was too short to already been sold
I miss hearing you sing and pray
The hours are cutting short, it could be any day

I want you back sound body and mind
I wish there were a key I could find
To bring you back out of this state
Oh why did this have to be your fate

This must have been God's very plan
To watch you grow and see your wings span
You've served him right from the start
He welcomes you to his home and heart

My love for you will never die
I will hold your Sparkle in my eye
I know I'll be singing with you someday soon
Walking through the gates of heaven,
singing the same glorious tune


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  • 3 years ago

    by Elias Gebron

    Wow! God, your good! You have made my day! Thank you for that piece!