Comments : Some Things Are Yet To Be Daffodils

  • 3 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    Damn Dashiel, this poem it speaks so many volumes. I love the title first of all, it speaks so true to the poem and feelings you wanted to use here, And honestly this seems like it is a very personal and touching poem and to be fair it is hard to pinpoint the exact meaning and I could not do a comment justice. BUT I can speak of the imagery and wording. The imagery is beautiful, It leaves me as the reader breathless because in each stanza you can see the scene playing out, I really like your play of words on May sneaking into your window I thought that was clever. But wow there are emotions I don't know how to feel about on here. Your sadness rings through the beauty of your writes, and flowers enhance that. Congrats on the win my friend. :)