A dream

by Kitty Kurse   Jul 3, 2015

I dreamed that I died, it felt so real, so I had to share with you all. This is more so a story then a poem of my dream from my pov.

It's cold, my heart's racing, water surrounds me.
Our car just went over a bridge I grab onto the kids and push them upwards which shoots me farther into the cool darkness.
I look up and at that moment relaxing knowing the children will be safe, I gaze up at the dimming light from the sky.
And in this moment I realized I was going to die, as my soaked clothes slowly pulled me.
Suddenly I'm getting visions of me holding your hand, us getting married, our kids, seeing the rest of my life play before me in what seems a few seconds and I'm back sinking farther into this endless lake. I hear bubbles, they're slowly fading as my vision slowly fades out.
And in this moment I'm in peace. My body weightless, euphoria throughout my whole body, I can't help but smile. It feels like time has stopped, I know they are safe, I saved them. And finally everything is black. No voices, no sound, I know that I can move but I do not choose to.
"Why is she here?" "You can come here"
I'm hearing a clear voice though I block it out. I want this euphoric feeling to last forever....


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