Comments : Passerby

  • 3 years ago

    by BlueJay

    The way you always manage to leave me sitting speechless for minutes on end before finding something decent to write in a comment about your work is always amazing to me. I mean you put such flavor into the things you write and your voice is so clearly expressed there is no mistaking that a piece is yours or is influenced by every ounce of your very being - which is something I adore about your works.

    But this one is more than all of that as well. The style is a little bit different from some of your more recent pieces (at least in my eyes) and your honesty never wavers, but here it seriously jumped out at me. I think the imagery in this one is a little weak compared to some of your other works, but it also less significant this time so it balances out to most people (it's my favorite part so personally you can see why I mentioned this and are more than welcome to disregard it :P )

    Anyway, I'll quit rambling. Beautifully penned.

  • 3 years ago

    by Naughtymouse


    I thought to myself...just login to pnq real quick whilst your at work to have a quick look...and im met with this.....I need to come back to comment properly just saving my space :)

  • 3 years ago

    by DarkLight

    I have nothing to say.

  • 3 years ago

    by Naughtymouse

    Ok, so im back and holy cow everytime i read this i just feel like jsnrgksbjgkjbrkgjb;kgjb!!!!!!!

    This type of write is what makes you so unique as a writer, you have such a beautiful way of describing emotions, situations, thoughts and ideas that often you leave all us readers in a comotosed like state for a moment when we reach the final period.

    This is again, and i feel like im repeating my self, is one of my favs from you, blech who am i kidding I like them all (apart from a man hater poem lol :P)

    There are so many shades to this poem, so many remarks that i could write an essay on, How we feel when our perception of the world or the people in our world changes? how they then see us and react, how it can be a lonely road when we find our new path and others can't or won't follow, sometimes it's not even that, sometimes we dont want them to follow and to just accept us for the person we are now instead of the one we used to be.

    In all that rambling comes something as simple as Violet Red, you are who you are and beautiful inside for it. Period.

    I love this poem for so many reasons ..... all the usual flow and tempo, the way you control your reader is oustanding and your vocab Chels, as usual, is simply flawless....that about as much technique blah blah blah im gonna say other i read the first two stanzas i was totally hooked and just wanted to read more......then,

    "Relationships are coming and going like tourists attempting to survive the hustle and bustle of an ever changing city."

    ^^^^^ I read this nodding my head, felt a little meloncholy.....

    "I'm transforming the way decades do.
    I am always an invention in the making that old
    acquaintances can't seem to adapt to."

    ^^^^^I Read this and felt this kinda hollow feeling.

    "No one stays long enough to understand my growth;they just graffiti the walls and carve their names in the bark of my heart as a reminder of who once visited.

    So who shall receive these stanzas and who will
    claim to be my muse? "

    ^^^^^ Read this and had a meltdown o.O, Seriously there are times when i read what you write, ingest and understand and the it breaks me the F down.....

    I can't tell you how much I love this...if i had votes left i would nominate, thats the dramatic comment over and i'll probably read this five more times before my day ends.

    You are indeed a Poetess.


  • 3 years ago

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Wonderful snapshot of an artist in evolution! I love the phrase:

    "they just graffiti the walls and carve their names in the bark / of my heart as a reminder of who once visited"

    It signifies some sentimentality on their part, for wanting to be remembered, yet also describes a bit of destructive force, since both of the acts are not beneficial to the "canvas." In a deeper sense, both acts are only done by those people who don't stick around. The graffiti artist must escape being "committed" just as a young man may need to escape commitment to a relationship. The hearts are carved by couples who drift off in a world of their own.

    Well done.

  • 3 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    You had me at.......

    "they just graffiti the walls and carve their names in the bark
    of my heart as a reminder of who once visited."

    You got me with this poem Chels... sighs, lady you can write!!