Graduation Farewell

by PX   Oct 21, 2015

My dear friends how sad am I
On this fateful day to say goodbye.
Maybe someday we'll meet again
For now lets smile and part in this bittersweet rain.

The memories here will remain with me
As I try to be the woman I know I can be.
Four years are long but its gone in a wink
May us friends be forever closely linked.

This school had witnessed hours of laughter
Of lessons and tests that have drawn us closer.
Who knows what the future might bring
This last day, lets just laugh and sing.
The doors of tomorrow lies in front of us
So lets move on and not dwell in the past.

Different teachers had graced our lessons
And our respect for them will never lessened.
For each is special and helped us in their own way
Though we are leaving, our love for them will stay.

Open your mind and search for happiness
Lets hope we'll meet again when we become successes.
Even if in the future we will all separate,
Do not forget the times here and your very best mate.

Goodbye to this school which had taught a lot
And may we meet again in this very spot.
A new beginning is starting but the end is not ending
For the memories will remain no matter how heart rending.


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