Comments : Sometimes It Makes Me Wonder

  • 1 year ago

    by Shruti

    Hello there,
    though a bit late, welcome to P&Q:).
    Aw, this poem is so sad...
    All along I thought this write is about a friend, and when I saw the word Mommy, it felt all the more sad. Of course, a mother is the best kind of friend one can have.
    The loss of a dear one is really heart-wrenching, and missing that person is not any less painful.
    I really love this poem a lot. It has a smooth flow and a soft vibe to it.
    I would only like to suggest two things here-
    "you was and still is worth"...
    ^ In this line, I think it could be "you 'were' and still 'are' worth".
    Beside this, this is a beautiful write.
    Memories sting sometimes, but that's what keeps the person's presence still alive within us. May you find salace.
    Keep writing. :)

    • 1 year ago

      by JCCaramelBarbie

      Shruti glade u stated u liked my poem after u tell me what i should have wrote. i write the way i wrote if u thought deeper than ur criticism youll see whaty i typed the way i did. thank u tho..