My Joy

by Bob   Jul 26, 2017

Excitement cheerful praises ring out with dance.
Time beginning ending anew with just one fateful life changing glance.
Gentle soft tender kisses make me giggle and smile.
Forever eternally yours perfectly made all the while.
Crystal glass tears of happiness fall shattering on the earthen ground.
Passing triumphantly victoriously to all gathered around.
Lovely miniature eyes opening up meeting my gaze.
Breathtaking speechless beauty fully shown after all those days.
Wondering pondering about this precious God given gift.
Quiet silent whispers and hushes as a baby’s cry begins to lift.
Kind thoughtful encouraging words as I say his name.
New sinless life taking a breath while I do the same.
Smooth wrinkle free skin make the nurses calmly sigh.
Handing gingerly slowly to the new mom whose heart soars high.
Realizing understanding this indescribable profuse joy.
Always shall I be your first baby boy.


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