Nothing better

by Beautiful Tragedy   Sep 18, 2017

I had an amazing night with you,
I really did.
Between the constant hugs and the
Unlimited kisses I couldn't have been more happy to see you.
But the hard part is always watching you leave,
And as I pace around my hotel room trying not to throw myself on my bed and cry I remind myself that you will be back.
You will always be back.
The night dragged out and for that I couldn't be more thankful,
Though I wish I'd been allowed to leave work earlier.
I missed you so much,
And tonight went by in a sort of daze;
Like time slowed down exactly as I wished for it to.
I love seeing you,
Spending time with you
And being in your arms.
I could tell you missed me as much as I missed you,
And there really isn't a feeling better than that.


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