Comments : Skipping Rocks

  • 9 months ago

    by Em

    Andrea as always your work resonates with me a little too much it seems as though we've been living similar lives but moons apart which is unfortunate but (please don't take this the wrong way) it feels good to say I'm not alone as I'm sure a lady or your expertise will understand.

    Title: this for me was nostalgic as I remember playing this nearly every summer with friends or even just my mum when we took the dogs for their walks and I wondered if for you it was nostalgic too then I realised that the aim of the game was to see how many times the stone bounced before sinking and i had to question is this how you view your life or this part of your life as some game of people pushing and pushing to see how many times it takes for you to sink? Maybe that's a little too far fetched but when I thought about it, it resonated way too much in that respect.

    1/ I have already said this once today to Ben and I'll say it again "life is what we make it" though some times we have no say in how life pans put we have to take it as it is, give it all we have and go onwards and upwards with what we've been dealt - I know much easier said than done as I've been there too many times and think now it's time to take my own advice and take the positives out of all the negativity and I know sometimes it's difficult but don't let that lovely smile of yours sink for too long.

    2/ This reminded me of a quote for some reason: I am the author of my life unfortunately I am writing in ink and cannot erase my mistakes which can be said for us all which I guess is fortunate as mistakes are made for us to learn from, sometimes it takes us one time to learn from said mistakes and other times it takes many times making the same mistake to learn from it what we need to realise is that this doesn't define who we are that being said the imagery here is fantastic which I've come to expect.

    3/ This is hard hitting. It's like this person loves you and you love them yet they refuse to take your advice or help you with something that's worrying you which can be very disheartening but unfortunately such is life.

    Take care
    Em x

  • 9 months ago

    by Robin Carretti

    Love words are wisdom are best preserved in ink love it