How beautiful it is

by Beautiful Tragedy   Dec 7, 2017

Remember the night we were sitting in the back;
Talking about my current lover and you’d asked me if I was happy?
I’d had to think about that for a few minutes;
And as I looked down and smiled I gathered my courage and lied.
I’d said yes,
But I knew the truth of how much I was hurting and I could tell
That you could see my struggle;
That all you’d wanted to do was ease it.
I’ve never admitted this but I went home and cried that night,
Not because of anything you’d said or done but because I knew that
You had been absolutely right
and I,
I’d been in denial for months on how I was actually feeling.
When things broke off with him I spent all of my time sleeping;
Having had no energy and seeing no direction left to take.
But you have been there for me
Every step of the way;
Helping me fight my battles and learn that sometimes it’s okay to lose.
You already know this but I fell in love with you on the journey to where I am now and-
How beautiful it is;
That you could make my heart race when I didn’t want it to beat
At all.


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