We are science

by Beautiful Tragedy   Dec 19, 2017

You know how most people in society who call themselves our “friends” would turn their backs on us the minute something doesn’t go in their favor,
Or something happens to us that is unfortunate?
And how-
When something finally goes right some of them will try to mess it
Up because like you’ve told me many times;
They don’t want us to be more successful or on a higher level than they are?
And if we try to stand up for ourselves it almost always ends in conflict;
Because no matter how right we are someone will always try to hold us
Will always try to create heat between them and the other person?
But you,
You always encourage me, support me, and keep my feet steady on
the ground but-
Let me fly at the exact same time.
You have a natural way about you and you’re laid back;
Going against the flow but unlike friction;
Never recking havoc or creating chaos.
My love;
In a world full of people who are nothing but friction you are gravity.
And if you’re gravity;
Darling we are science.


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