I don’t know what is

by Beautiful Tragedy   Dec 19, 2017

Sunday night was hectic for me-
I was moody and upset,
Not to mention feeling very
clingy when you left for a couple hours to go to the casino with billy.
I’d dropped an m&m and cried in the stairwell at work for ten minutes which I admit-
Is totally hilarious.
Then I almost got sent home because I pulled my phone out;
Trying to get a girls number so I could text her when you and Billy got back
I called you on the verge of tears and they ended up letting me stay;
But my hectic night didn’t end there.
Someone stepped on my foot,
And another person slammed a door into my ribs,
Not even turning to apologize.
By the time you got there all I could do was lean on your shoulder,
Letting myself cry while you asked me what happened and comforted me.
I was a complete mess;
Especially because even after you got there I cut my finger,
Tripped over my own feet-
And got yelled at for sitting on your lap.
What a long night it was.
But even though all of those things had me moody, upset, and
On the verge of quitting my job,
Not once did you get annoyed with me or leave me to fend for myself.
You hugged me,
Not letting a single thing about how my night was going phase you.
by the end of the night I still managed to fall in love with you all over again;
And if that isn’t the best thing in the world,
Then I don’t know what is.


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