Taylor Swift isn’t the only one

by Beautiful Tragedy   Dec 30, 2017

It’s no secret that when
We first met I was in a bad place;
pretending that everything was ok and I was just fine,
Only to go home at the end of the night to someone who constantly toyed with my emotions;
Guilt tripping me into doing anything he wanted.
I know I never really talk about him to you;
or to anyone for that matter given that with his position everyone has had the tendency to blame me.
And you my love-
Have never pushed me to talk about him or open up to you about what happened;
But I know I don’t have to because you know enough to know for yourself.
Instead of focusing on that you’ve managed to keep everything centered around getting my life together;
Working with anything that’s thrown my way,
And encouraging me to do whatever I can to make my life not just easier-
But happier.
So all I have to say for 2017 is that Taylor Swift isn’t the only one who went from singing-
“I’m a crumbled up piece of paper lying here”
“I’m doing better than I ever was.”


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