A perfect last day of 2017

by Beautiful Tragedy   Jan 1, 2018

Our first kiss was filled with love and sentiment;
Gentle and sweet in its wake yet intense and passionate,
But calm all at once.
You’d tasted of alcohol and coca cola mixed with-
Well, the taste of you.
It wasn’t a midnight kiss;
But that’s what made it so special-
it happened because we wanted it to and not because we were celebrating a new year.
You’d trailed your fingers
up my stomach,
singing along playfully with the lyrics of “a thousand miles” and as my eyes met yours an insurmountable amount of words were spoken between us;
Without even being said.
The words “I love you” are not powerful enough to describe how I feel about you;
And I don’t think they ever will be.
When Billy dragged you out at the end of the night;
I gave you your Christmas present and smiled as you kissed my cheek before you left me for the cold crisp air of the evening.
And only words I could manage to even think were:
I had the most precious,
Perfect last day of 2017.


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