by Beautiful Tragedy   Jan 3, 2018

The last two weeks I’ve seen you I’ve been in total disarray.
With a lack of sleep and constant stress mixed with my pms of late;
I’ve been in nothing but a complete and total jam.
Yet you always go along with it;
Never letting it phase you and some how managing to turn my night around completely every time.
I don’t know if it’s just your smile-
Or maybe it’s how patient you are whenever it comes to me but;
All it does is make me appreciate you for who you are more than I already do.
When I’m with you I always want everything to be perfect;
Whether it’s having my hair and makeup on point or making sure there’s not a single hair left on my legs,
I never want to look or be anything but my best for you.
Lately however;
Things haven’t gone quite how I wanted them to what with my being moody and tired but now that I look back on it;
The two most imperfect nights that I’ve had since we met have literally been the most magical.
It’s funny;
Because no matter how hard I tried to be utterly perfect for you I’ve realized that it doesn’t really matter;
You’re gonna love me even if I
am a complete and total


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